cPanel migration to DirectAdmin (處理中)
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  • 影響範圍 其他 - Shared & Reseller Hosting Server (Completed)
  • Migration Process Current Progress & Steps:

    1. Backups (Completed)  
      • We are currently taking on site as well as on site backups on multiple disks of all accounts hosted under cPanel in order to avoid any data loss. It will be completed in next 12 to 18 hours. Once backups are done we will move to next step.
      • Estimated time of completion: upto 18 hours
      • Downtime : NO
      • Time Taken : 36 hours - Reason: Some backups went corrupt because of invalid data such as database names, database users etc. These were created by user. We had to fix all these issues then retook backups.
    2. Installation of New Hosting Control Panel (Completed)
      • To keep the IPs and Server same, we are required to install Centos Web Panel on same current server along with web server and other necessary services. We will also be installing some other necessary plugins such as firewall, cloudlinux, malware scanner and removal tool, antivirus etc. Process will be started once we have complete offsite backups of the hosted accounts.
      • Estimated time of completion: upto 2 hour
      • Downtime: YES
      • Time Taken: 2 Hours - Reason: Centos Web Panel Installation and Configuration
      • Uninstallation: Centos Web Panel - 45 Mins - Reason: Centos Web Panel got corrupt during the migration process, therefore we had to uninstall it and reverted all accounts to cPanel. This took 8 hours.
      • Installation: DirectAdmin - 2 hours - Reason: As Centos Web Panel went corrupt therefore we had to go with DIrectAdmin.
    3. Accounts Conversion & Restoration (Completed On 31th Aug 7:10 PM)
      • The step includes conversion of hosting accounts from cPanel format to Centos Web Panel format. It will convert and restore all databases, email addresses, files and other files. It is long step that will take much time as it contains some manual work.
      • Estimated time of completion: upto 22 hours
      • Downtime: Partial
      • Time Taken: 24 Hours - Reason : Some of the accounts were having issue, we had to fixed them manually.

    Over All Status:

    Total Time Taken : ~120 Hours

    Total Downtime: ~36 Hours (Includes partial downtimes)


    ~ Denotes estimated time taken.

  • 日期 - 25/08/2019 22:32 - 29/08/2019 23:59
  • 最後更新 - 02/09/2019 14:44



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