How can i access Support Center for my account?

We have introduced most awaited feature called "Support System" for all of our Resellers. It has following features:

Reseller Control Panel Features

  • Manage all tickets from Reseller panel
  • Send response to customers directly from Reseller panel
  • Send messages to all your customers or to single customer
  • Receive notifications in Reseller panel or in Email
  • Change status of tickets
  • Enable/Disable Support Center whenever required

Customer Control Panel Features

  • Create support tickets from hosting control panel
  • Manage/Read old tickets
  • Receive notifications in hosting control panel or in Email
  • Get support right from hosting control panel

You can access your Support Center from the link on Right side of Reseller Control Panel named Message System. It has all opened/closed Support Tickets by your customers. You can send response to their queries from there.

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